Oct 6th

I am sitting here with a pre-release copy of Jamie Oliver’s latest entry in the world of cookbooks in my hot sweaty mitts. It is called Jamie’s 30 MINUTE MEALS. I received this courtesy of Yuppiechef (those guys with the fabulous range of kitchen goodies and the great sense of humor). Last week Paul phoned to ask if I would be interested in reviewing the book along with 9 other folk and of course I said it would be my pleasure to do so. Thank you Paul and the Yuppiechef gang for thinking of me!!

Early Monday morning the doorbell goes and when I answer the phone this is what I hear: “Erm, morning lady, I have a delivery here for someone called….hehehe…..*clears throat*…..Collywolly”?  Oh SURE says I…..do come on in its the first house as you come through the main gate. The guy laughed about the name on my package the whole time he was here. He did tell me I could sign my proper name on the delivery slip though! Thanx Yuppsters! You made my Monday ROCK! I am always so thrilled by the packaging and the personal details in the Yuppiechef parcels. A handwritten note always accompanies whats inside and they include a cute fridge button. Lovely stuff. Do visit their online store and browse through their products….but BE WARNED!!! You will be sucked into an amazing world and stay there for hours. So do it when you have the time :o) And if you want to win one of these fabulous books for yourself hurry right now to visit their newsletter Spatula Magazine


I already have a couple of the magnets on my fridge….. 

Fridge Magnets

 Needless to say I have not been able to put this book down since I received it. It really is a “revolutionary approach to cooking good food fast” and I am looking forward to coming back and telling you all about my experience of cooking a meal from it. Here is something to whet your appetite…..can’t give too much away you know?


All this in 30 MINUTES?? I will be back to let you know :o)

In the meanwhile I am off to attend the funeral of my uncle, the patriarch of our family, a bit later today. It’s been a sad time. He has pretty much been “dad” to me as my father, his brother, died suddenly at the tender age of 36 (when I was 3 years old). Uncle Alf lived to the grand old age of 92 years and passed away on Friday evening last week. A man with a rich history and a wonderful sense of humor, with great love for his family, he will be sorely missed. Here is a rather grainy photo of him walking me down the aisle on my wedding day 32 years ago…….

Chat later!

browniegirl xx


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