Mar 4th

Have you ever longed for a good easy way to make your own homemade mayonnaise?  You have? Read on…..

Easy Homemade Mayonnaise in a minute

Some out there might say…..MAKE MAYONNAISE? When there are jars and jars of it to be found in the nearest grocery store? Are you NUTS? Noooo, real foodies like to try their hand at all kinds of things. Its such a  trophy moment when you achieve something delicious. And achieving mayonnaise nirvana has always eluded me.  If all the negative comments about making mayonnaise, all the pitfalls and all the non emulsification and the thought of all that slo-o-o-wly dripping oil going haywire with your eggs makes your brain emulsify then this is for you!!! And I am glad because I’m not alone. I bet I’m not alone in my envy of all those who sport bowls of fluffy white tasty home made mayonnaise on their tables either!! Well….let me tell you that those days are OVER! I have discovered a fantastic foolproof (yes foolproof) way of making mayonnaise. Now, I know there are those  of you who will tell me that you have been doing this for years….but it’s new to me so I must share with those who do not know this method!! So those who do know it, bear with me please while I share my excitement at being able to whip up my own little batch of  mayonnaise every time I need some……

A couple of months ago I was trawling the internet…as I do sometimes in search of foodie things (truth be told I was making a picnic supper, it was 2 days to Christmas, the shops were inhabited wall to wall by crazed types brandishing credit cards and I had run out of mayonnaise so I wanted to try and make my own)…..and I came across a recipe for mayonnaise on the site Cooking for Engineers It wasnt a recipe that excited me in any way but somehow I scrolled down to the comment section and started seeing recipes from readers and a whole discussion about homemade mayonnaise. I came across a comment by one BobH about a quarter of the way down and he gave his method of making mayonnaise. My eyes widened, my heart fluttered, I gave a huge whoop…shot out of my chair and rushed through to the kitchen…… emerge just a few minutes later brandishing my stick blender dripping mayonnaise in one hand and a jug of perfectly white, deliciously whipped thick mayonnaise in the other hand……grinning from ear to ear and flushed with my success! I tell you that stick blender has not stopped since and I have never bought another jar of mayonnaise. Mayonnaise liberation today…… domination tomorrow!! So if you don’t have a hand held stick (immersion) blender……my advice to you is go out and get one. If you can’t afford it, put it on all your gift lists of must haves. I LOVE mine. My family clubbed together and gave it to me for my birthday last year and I am getting a lot of use out of it. Once you see the recipe and the very easy way of making this mayonnaise you are going to want one too anyway 🙂

Right….so lets get on with it. Just remember that all your ingredients must be at room temperature otherwise your mayonnaise will not emulsify…….


Adapted from the recipe by Bob H as seen on Cooking for Engineers

Into the tall narrow beaker that comes with the stick blender place the following ingredients – starting with the egg and ending with the oil:

1 Extra Large Free Range or Organic Egg – at room temperature

5ml (1 tsp) Mustard Powder

5ml (1 tsp) Lemon Juice (fresh or bottled) – taste and add a bit more if you want to

5ml (1 tsp) White Vinegar – you might like to taste and add more if you want it a bit more tangy

2 1/2mls (1/2 tsp) Fine Table Salt and a grinding of White Pepper 

A tiny drizzle of  Raw Local Honey – really about 1 or 2 mls is all you need (optional)

250mls Oil – made up of 200mls Canola and Peanut Oil (I like the blandness of the peanut oil) and 50mls Olive Oil (remember that the more fruity & intense the olive oil the more it will influence the taste of the mayonnaise)

Now for the exciting part…………..

1. Push your blender into the beaker, immersing it completely so that it rests on the bottom of the beaker.

2. Push on the button and start blending at high speed…count to about 5 without moving the blender from the bottom

3. Then, holding the beaker still with one hand slowly raise the blender until it just reaches the top of the contents and then slowly push it down again, blending all the time. I found that counting to 5 going upwards and counting to 5 going downwards is enough time.   All in all you have used up about 30 to 40 seconds of actual time……

4. Stop blending, remove the stick blender, shake off the excess and VOILA! Your stunning…..fully emulsified, easy as pie and delicious mayonnaise is ready for use….in about ONE MINUTE!! Didn’t I say it was blissfully easy???

You can thank me later 🙂  Go and make some NOW! Think of the delicious summer chicken and mayo wraps you can make…..or how about a big dollop on a freshly baked potato……hmmmm roasted potato wedges with homemade mayonnaise and sweet red chilli jam!! With CHEESE sprinkled over of course! I upped the mustard by adding a teaspoon of prepared hot english mustard to my one and served it with little cocktail sausages at Christmas time.

Now that you have mastered that how about adding some more ingredients and making your own aioli??

Add 1 to 2 peeled chopped garlic cloves and a small handful of chopped parsley before you add the oil then blend and you have stunning Aioli in a minute!

Adding an extra egg yolk to the mayonnaise mixture makes it a bit richer and thicker.

To make it a bit thinner add a bit more oil.

I have also very lightly coddled my eggs by dropping them, unpeeled, into some gently boiling water for exactly one minute before removing, allowing to cool a bit, then using. Delicious!!

The other evening it was too hot to cook so I took out some canned tuna, chopped up some salad ingredients and put them into a bowl, whizzed up my minute mayonnaise with a tablespoon of tomato sauce for instant seafood sauce and made a delicious tuna salad which we enjoyed with our ice cold La Capra Chenin Blanc while sitting on the rocks watching the sun setting on February! Bliss! Just what I need after the hectic few months of staring relentlessly into my pc screen pre FBI2011.

2015 EDIT:

I started following the Low Carb High Fat lifestyle about 18 months ago so am no longer using any seed oils in my cooking and baking. I still make this mayo every time I need to but have changed the ingredients slightly to include only pink Himalayan Salt and equal parts of  healthy Macadamia or Avocado Oil and a light Olive Oil. You can use equal coconut oil and olive oil if you like but I find that the coconut oil makes the mayo set hard once you put it into the fridge so the texture isn’t so great. Tastes good though! The honey can be omitted or you can exchange it for 2ml Xylitol Dust or a few drops of liquid Xylitol!  

Its another spectacular evening in Cape Town and we are heading out to watch another sunset…maybe I will go and whip up some mayonnaise to add to something delicious……the Graham Beck bubbly is already chilling in the fridge!

Enjoy the evening and have a rocking weekend,

browniegirl xx


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