Apr 15th
Today, one year ago, I took the big plunge and stepped out from my comfort zone over at into the big wide world of blogging. Yep, I sat here and agonized over which blog forum to go with and WordPress won that round, then it was templates templates and more templates….such confusion, photos, headers, a new blog name and all the rest that goes with starting a new blog. Sweaty palms, palpitations, thoughts of  “am I crazy? Am I doing the right thing?” Heck yes! By the time I clicked that PUBLISH button on my dashboard it was the 15th April and my new blog hatched – quite painlessly eventually! So happy blogaversary to me! I have survived the first year on WordPress. And what a long way I have come too. I now have TWO wordpress blogs to keep going, the other being FBI.

It is actually almost 3 years since I started blogging as browniegirl, under the blog title Kitchen Diary at, and I still have that blog going as well. Trying to make a concerted effort to keep it going on a more regular basis is not so easy. Since taking on the organizing of Food Blogger Indaba my blogging time has been cut ridiculously short. I think it is time to realize that my passion for something I love is turning it into something else…something like a full time job! NOT a paying full time job yet but hopefully that might come at some stage….Indaba affairs are keeping me plugging away behind the scenes every day. And sometimes I don’t have enough hours to get it all done. BUT……I do still love blogging and I need to get back to what I love! Time management is what I need to practice!!

So then, as I was saying in my previous post (which has turned out to be my most read post in the history of this blog by the way) with this being a special week in the brownie household with it being my blogaversary today…..and my birthday coming up very soon, it is the perfect time for some giveaways….the first one was Bon Appetit Mr President – the delightful cookery book from the kitchen of the personal chef to South Africa’s president, Hilton Little.

It delights me to announce that Mandy from The Complete Cook Book is the winner of this book! How appropriate! Congratulations Mandy, please either email, DM or private message me on Facebook your postal details so I can get your prize into the mail!

And now on to bigger things. Seeing as it is Friday and I am running out of time, best I get on with it and stop stringing you all along… I have the most awesome giveaway to announce today to ever come out of this blog. It is something that is at the top of my birthday wish list….all my family know that THIS is all that I want! I have to have one 🙂 I NEED one……..hope my family all read this post 🙂


HUH?? I hear your confusion…… don’t know what this is??? Oh please….allow me to tell you all about the Philips Air Fryer! I will start with the company actually and it will all become clear as I go along….

As you may or may not know, Philips SA came on board as fantastic last minute sponsors of FBI2011  and, following up on that association, we (the brownieboy and I) were invited to the launch of their newest, innovative product. Much secrecy about it with little clues given out along the way piqued our interest and made us long for the day to arrive when we would finally see it! What a fun launch! It was wonderful meeting the folk from Jenni Newman PR who liased with me through the sponsorship, we met the MD of Philips SA who doubled up as a doorman and showed us the way in 🙂 Thank you Paul! and we met Darren Scott who is the brand ambassador for the product and found out the reason why! If you want to know more about that story Darren has a super book out called No Fries on Us! It was fantastic to see the product, handle it, taste what it cooked like and to see that this was no cock and bull story! No sirreee….that is why I want one so badly! This amazing appliance delivers!!

The new Philips AirFryer is a revolution in home cooking that doesn’t require oil in the cooking process, allowing you to fry a variety of tasty meals which are simple, healthy and fast. The AirFryer’s secret is its patented Rapid Air Technology which combines fast-circulating hot air with a grill to create chips with up to 80% less fat without compromising on taste. The Philips AirFryer cooks a variety of foods and snacks from delicious chips to chicken nuggets, veggies and even tempura. At the launch we were treated to Kataifi prawns with perfectly crisp pastry, crispy spring rolls, meatballs, chicken, fish and chips, croutons…to name a few. All perfectly cooked in minutes and HEALTHY!! I was sold! So was Chef Donald aka brownieboy!

Paul Hobden MD of Philips SA, one of their lovely young chefs at the launch and Chef Donald

The AirFryer requires no heating up time, so busy parents can quickly and easily prepare a batch of the best tasting chips in just 12 minutes. In addition, the revolutionary AirFryer overcomes the odor that traditional frying creates. Because it uses hot air rather than oil to fry food, it emits fewer vapors, while the Integrated Air Filter diffuses any smells. Cleaning up after cooking with the AirFryer is also simple, thanks to the removable, dishwasher-safe parts and non-stick surfaces.  The AirFryer features a timer which lets you pre-set cooking times of up to 30 minutes, so you can focus on other tasks while your main course is being cooked to perfection. You can also interrupt cooking to check on progress whenever you want, to ensure you get the result you want.The Adjustable Temperature Control also lets you pre-set temperatures of up to 200°C, and cooks food with steady heat to ensure crisp and even cooking. Making it even simpler to prepare every part of your meal, the Philips AirFryer includes a Food Separator Accessory which allows you to fry multiple foods at once without mixing the flavours together!  

For inspiration, the AirFryer comes complete with a recipe book, and even more recipes can be found on Philips MyKitchen – a website that inspires you to cook healthy, nutritional and tasty meals for the family. A host of culinary tricks and handy time-saving tips also show you how to get amazing results effortlessly. So you can enjoy family favourites every day of the week with none of the guilt or hassle – but all the taste – of regular fried foods. With the Philips AirFryer, fried foods are healthy and delicious.

Key features include:

  • Patented Rapid Air technology – combines hot air with grill component to fry food
  • In-built Timer – lets you pre-set cooking times of up to 30 mins
  • Adjustable Temperature Control – cooks food at steady rate up to 200°C
  • Food Separator Accessory – lets you fry multiple foods at once
  • Integrated Air Filter – diffuses odors

 For more information contact the Philips customer care line on 087 808 4456 or visit the PHILIPS website 


Be still my heart! This one is my fave colour!

 When they heard that it is my birthday on Sunday Philips and Jenni Newman decided to give me one of these beauties to GIVE AWAY to one of you beauties reading this post. Yes! you read it correctly. Its MY birthday but I am giving this away to one of YOU! Isn’t that just awesome news?

To stand in line to win one of these fabulous Philips Air Fryers all you have to do is comment on this post. That should bring all the lurkers out of the woodwork….hehe! I would like you to give me a motivational reason, in 5 lines or less, why you think YOU should win this prize. You can just tell it straight, use flowery language or use poetry or limirick style. Its up to you! Just remember….FIVE lines or less. More than that wont cut the oil 🙂

Get those thinking caps on and get to it! You have until Midnight on Sunday 17th April 2011 to get your comment in.  And good luck. I will NOT be choosing the winner. Philips SA will read all the comments and decide which one pulls the hardest on their healthy heart strings!

Please note that unfortunately this competition is only open to SA residents! The shipping to other countries would be too expensive to contemplate! My apologies to my over the big pond readers!

And thank you once again Philips SA and Jenni Newman PR. You ROCK!!

browniegirl xx

LATE EDIT – 18 April 2011 12.21am


Thank you to everyone who has entered. I have had a good giggle at some of the comments 🙂 These will now be sent to Philips for judging. Will let you know the winner as soon as I hear!


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