Apr 21st


Congratulations to Sous Chef  aka Susan Green who has been chosen by the team at Philips SA to win the awesome Philips Air Fryer

Sue please send me your physical address so that Philips can get your AirFryer to you asap!

And we look forward to hearing you singing on your blog all about what you are doing with your Philips every day!!

Here was the comment that the judges liked and chose……………

Thank you to everyone who entered and for all the good laughs and fun. I wish that you could all be winners!

But alas……now rush over to the FBI blog and enter the Madecasse chocolate giveaway. I have two fabulous hampers that are waiting to be claimed!

And a very special thank you once again to Philips SA and Kira at Jenni Newman for sponsoring this beautiful appliance for my birthday giveaway!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Happy Easter,

browniegirl xx

PS Dearest Fritz….I am so sorry! Maybe you can try and bribe Sue with your mozzarella balls now  or threaten HER kneecaps! Mine are already aching! 😉

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