Hot Chocolate Weather Whatever the Planet

Aug 7th

I l0ve creativity in advertising and the folk at my favourite hot chocolate (and other fabulous products) company, NoMU, are nothing short of brilliant when it comes to creativity. Below is a typical example of what I am talking about. Oh, and if you can’t find it in a store near you they have a very convenient online shop too…..

Here is a bit of tactical fun as thrown into our laps by the very clever folk at OSCAR TANGO! (How convenient that their name even sounds like something we might hear at Mission Control anyway, if we were far better at math than we are…

567 Million Miles from home and STILL the chocolatiest Hot Chocolate on the (red) planet!

Nice one NASA. Now let’s talk Hot Chocolate Provisions for the first manned space flight to MARS!

Well done Andy, Paul, Candice and Team! Love your work. Very ‘quick on the draw.’

You can read the original article here and comment……..

Keep warm everyone, it is bitterly cold and snowing in parts of the country where it doesn’t normally snow. We had intermittent rain and hail showers for 24 hours ending around lunch time yesterday so I knew it had to be on its way…we always get the tail end to all the fun here down by the bay!  Time for a hot chocolate with a shot of rum maybe?

Bravo Oscar Tango!

browniegirl xx

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